Pit Names
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It appears that old miners called their workplaces some very strange things indeed - and often for superstitious reasons..  Here's a collection:

The Wrexham Advertiser, May 31 1873.
No less than four new collieries have been recently started near Mold, and it is becoming a serious question how to get labour to work them, all the men available in the district being already engaged.

The colliery nearest the town on the north side is named 'Hard Struggle' from the difficulty experienced in obtaining water to get up steam. Another to the east side is named "Slap Bang" from the fact that coal has been found near the surface.

To the south the 'Linger and Die' company are doing their best to reduce the price of coal and to enhance that of labour. While to the south east the 'Strip and at it' company are showing the world how to make the most of it. We hear of numberless other ventures, but these are the principal.

Some Derbyshire pit names:  Nimblejack, Beans and Bacon, Thorns, Spitewinter.