Flowerdown Barrows
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bowl barrowTwo miles north of Winchester in Hampshire is the village of Littleton and, at a crossroads in the centre, is a Bronze Age burial site.  Called Flowerdown Barrows, the site consists of a bowl barrow and a disc barrow. The bowl barrow is possibly slightly older than the disc because the type dates from the late Neolithic. They are often found in association with  later mounds of other styles, implying that their ritual significance was accepted for  hundreds of years.  A bowl barrow consists of a mound of earth or rubble surrounded by a ditch.

disc barrowThe disc barrow is almost certainly early Bronze Age and consists of a bank and ditch that contained a number of smaller cremation burials.

sarsen stonelose by is a worked sarsen stone. The sarsen was originally found on a farm in Littleton but was shifted to the Hampshire county museum in 1906, where it stayed for almost 80 years. In 1984, however, it was resited in its present position by the  barrows.