Joseph Wright of Derby  1734 - 97

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wright's monument
Wright's Monument in Irongate, Derby
Wright was one of the Lichfield Circle of amateur scientists, a friend of Erasmus Darwin, and chose to promote science through his paintings.

« Experiment with a bird and an air pump (1768 National Gallery)
His subjects were often of a scientific nature and illustrated many of the discoveries and experiments of the time.

Demonstration of the Orrery using a lamp as the sun (1766)
(Derby Art Gallery and Museum) »
The Orrery

The Iron Forge He was also well known for the extremely complex use of light in his works. In all three of the paintings represented here he has chosen a subject in which light could be central to the composition - whether it is the observation lamp of a scientific experiment or the glow of an iron forge.

«   The Iron Forge (1772)  (Tate Gallery, London)