The History Anorak Timeline

1800 - 1849

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William Cowper (poet and hymn writer) dies
Alessandro Volta invents the first chemical battery

Fox Talbot born

William Herschel discovers infrared radiation
Union with Ireland - Union Flag adopted

First official British Census (population of England 8.3 million)


Peace with France

Peel introduces first Factory Legislation

Sir Edwin Landseer born

Thomas Girtin (English painter) dies

Madame Tussaud arrives in UK

West India Docks completed in London

Erasmus Darwin dies

John Dalton produces atomic theory and tables of atomic weights

Telford builds the road through the Highlands

Napoleonic War

Titus Salt born

Enclosure Act

Joseph Paxton born
Caledonian Canal opens

Robert Stephenson born
Napoleon declared Emperor of France

Royal Horticultural Society founded

George Romney (English painter) dies
Joseph Priestley dies
Battle of Trafalgar - Death of Nelson

Mary Seacole born

Hans Christian Andersen born
Grand Junction Canal completed
George Stubbs (painter - well known for animal pictures) dies
East India Docks completed in London

Trevithick's railway completed at Coalbrookdale

I K Brunel born

Francis Beaufort devises the wind force scale

Lamb's "Tales from Shakespeare"
Royal Military Canal opens
Thomas Cook (Travel agent) born
Captain Manby experiments with maritime rescue lines
Fitzgerald born

Preventative Water Guard formed (Early coastguard)

Haydn dies
Matthew Boulton dies

Charles Darwin born
George III becomes insane


George (PoW) made Prince Regent

Throckmorton Coat made

George Gilbert Scott born

Luddite disturbances in Notts and Yorks

"The Great Comet" (1)

Closure of Moira Furnace
Charles Dickens born

Edward Lear born

Parthenon Marbles
shipped to London

Napoleon marches on Moscow

Brighton Pavilion begun

Augustus Pugin born

Foxton Locks open
Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"

Nash begins work on Regent Street
Wooten Wawen aqueduct opens

Gun Barrel Proof House opens in Birmingham

Gas lighting installed in St Margaret's Parish, Westminster
Battle of Waterloo
Tardebigge Locks open

Blisworth to Northampton branch canal opens

Waterloo Bridge, Betws-y-Coed built

Humphrey Davy invents the miners' safety lamp

Jane Austen's "Emma"


"The Scotsman" newspaper founded

William Bligh dies

Henry David Thoreau born

Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"

US-Canada border established at 49th parallel

Institution of Civil Engineers founded with Telford as president

Eugenius Birch born

Vulcan ship built
Queen Victoria born

Albert (later Prince Albert) born

George Eliot born

John Ruskin born

Walt Whitman born

Peterloo Massacre

Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds opens

Picadilly Circus built in London
James Watt dies

Canal system reaches Sheffield
George III dies

Accession George IV

Sir John Tenniel (Alice illustrator) born

Shelley's "Prometheus Unbound"

John Keats dies

Ford Madox Brown born


Percy Bysshe Shelley dies

Antonio Canova (sculptor) dies

Royal Academy of Music founded
Gregor Mendel born
Oxford Union Society founded

Rugby first played at the public school

Work begins on British Museum extension buildings (current structure)  >> 1847

Pimm's invented

Brighton Pavilion completed
Edmund Cartwright dies

Edward Jenner dies

Charles Babbage starts work on the first "computer" 

Charles Macintosh invents waterproof fabric

Byron dies

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals founded in UK

First RNLI gold medal for gallantry issued
Samuel Plimsoll born

Trade Unions legalised
Stockton & Darlington railway completed

Thomas Henry (T.H.) Huxley born

Telford completes Menai Bridge
Joseph Arch born (d.1922)

1st Edition Burke's Peerage published
Longstone Lighthouse builtlongstone

Holman Hunt (painter) born

Wm Blake dies

Beethoven dies

Burke and Hare murders begin >> 1829
Scarborough Spa Bridge opens
spa bridge

Joseph Lister (antiseptic pioneer) born

Ohm's Law established

Dante Gabriel Rossetti born

Jules Verne born

Leo Tolstoy born

Henrik Ibsen born
Zoological Society of London opens zoo in Regent's Park
Catholic emancipation

Millais born

Metropolitan Police formed

Rotunda Museum opens in Scarborough

Barclay imports the first Cavendish banana plant

William Burke hanged

Robert Abbot dies
Stephenson's "Rocket"

Galton Bridge opens over Telford's canal at Smethwick

Humphry Davy dies
George IV dies
Accession William IV

Camille Pissarro (painter) born

1st cholera epidemic » 1832
Faraday begins work on electricity

Darwin's 1st voyage on Beagle
Isle of Lewis chess set found
London Bridge opens

Sir James Clark Ross discovers position of magnetic North Pole.

Henry Maudslay dies

Faraday demonstrates electromagnetic induction

Edouard Manet (painter) born

End of 1st cholera epidemic » 1848
G F Muntz patents Muntz's Metal
Factory Act limits child labour

Slavery abolished in British Empire

Edward Burne-Jones born

William Wilberforce dies

Birmingham Town Hall completed

Mold cape discovered

Richard Trevithick dies
Coleridge dies

Dickens's "Sketches by Boz"

Poor Law amendment introduces Union Workhouses

Tolpuddle Martyrs transported

William Morris born

Edgar Degas (painter) born

James McNeill Whistler (painter) born
Telford dies

Chance's Glassworks established

Charles Babbage develops the analytic engine
Mark Twain born (Samuel Langhorne Clemens)

Hans Christian Andersen publishes his first children's story

John Nash dies

First civil marriages allowed in Britain

Sheffield's botanical Gardens open

William IV dies

Accession of
Queen Victoria
John Constable dies

Isabella Beeton born
Brunel's Great Western launched
Public Record Office established

Grace and William Darling rescue survivors from the Forfarshire

National Gallery opens in London
Robert Stephenson's London & Birmingham Railway opens

First public demonstration of the electric telegraph by Samuel Morse
1st Opium War

Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin begin work on the new Houses of Parliament in London

Pugin's St Mary's Church completed in Derby

NSPCC founder Rev Benjamin Waugh born

Paul Cezanne born
Fox Talbot's first photographs

Derby gets a railway line

Sheffield gets a railway line
Penny post introduced by Sir Rowland Hill

Charles Dickens publishes The Old Curiosity Shop

New Zealand proclaimed a British colony

Beau Brummel dies penniless in France

Victoria marries Albert

Saxophone invented

Kew Gardens opens

The Rebecca Riots

Derby gets a new town hall

John Sell Cotman dies

George Bassett sets up his confectionery business in Sheffield >> 1899


Wordsworth becomes Poet Laureate

Edvard Grieg (composer) born

United Free Church of Scotland formed

Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol first published in December

Nelson's Column erected in Trafalgar Square
Brunel's SS Great Britain launched

"The Great Comet" (2)
Chatsworth's Emperor Fountain constructed

YMCA founded

8th Marquess Queensbury (boxing rules) born

Work begins on Kew Palm House >> 1848

Samuel Morse sends first telegraph

John Dalton dies

Irish Famine » 1846

Dr Thomas John Barnardo born

Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"
First submarine cable under the English Channel

Northampton gets its first railway line

Irish Famine » 1848
Planet Neptune discovered

Dickens's "Dombey & Son"

Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"

Wm Thackeray's "Vanity Fair"

Marx & Engels's "Communist Manifesto"

British Museum completed

Joseph Pulitzer (journalist and pulisher) born

Institution of Mechanical Engineers founded with George Stephenson as president

Dee Bridge disaster

Thomas Edison born

Alexander Graham Bell born

Chloroform first used as an anaesthetic

Pre-Raphaelites formed

Paul Gaugin born

2nd cholera epidemic

Irish Famine

Hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful" written in Dunster, Somerset

Kew's Palm House completed

Matthew Webb born
Robert Stephenson's Conway Bridge opens
Abolition of the Corn Laws

Beau Brummel dies

William Etty dies

Joseph Fry makes the first chocolate bar

Dickens's "David Copperfield"