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Audubon, John James  (1785 - 1851) Painter and producer of the illustrated book Birds of America.
Beardsley, Aubrey
(1872 - 1898) Controversial artist, famous for his black and white book illustrations and erotica. Friend of Oscar Wilde for whom he illustrated the play Salome
Blake, William  (1757-1827) Artist and  Poet
Burne-Jones, Edward  (1833-1898) Pre-Raphaelite artist, although not one of the original brotherhood. Born on Bennett's Hill, Birmingham. Studied under Ruskin and Rossetti. Fine examples of his work can be seen in the stained glass at St Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham.
Constable, John (1776 - 1837)  Painter John Constable was born in East Bergholt House in Suffolk and took up his career in spite of his corn merchant father’s disapproval of his choice.  The young Constable moved to London at the age of 23 and joined the Royal Academy in 1799. Three years later he staged his first exhibition there. One of his most famous paintings, the Hay Wain, was exhibited in 1821 and the view of Salisbury Cathedral in 1823, but it was not until 1829 that he was awarded full RA membership.
Cotman, John Sell (1782 - 1842) English Romantic painter. Member of the Norwich School. Worked mainly in watercolour.
Etty, William (1787 - 1849) English oil painter and watercolourist. Studied under Fuseli. Fond of painting nudes. 
Gainsborough, Thomas  (1727 - 88) English artist. Mainly known for portriats and landscapes. Works include The Blue Boy
Fuseli, Henry
(1741-1825) The Nightmare (1782)
Hogarth, William
(1697-1764)  Artist and writer famous for his satires and political cartoons.  Among them was Gin Lane - a print (1751) depicting the excesses of gin and the debauchery and squalor it caused among the poor.
Landseer, Sir Edwin.  (1802 - 1873) Artist famous for his animal works. Among his best-known sculptures are the lions at the foot of Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square, London.
Millais, Sir John Everett  (1829-96) English Pre-Raphaelite painter. Among his works is "Bubbles"
Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723 - 92) English oil painter.  Known as "Sloshua" by some of his contemporaries because of his style.
Robinson, Wm Heath
(1872-1944) Eccentric illustrator, artist and writer. Best known for his bizarre designs for overcomplicated contraptions.
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel  (1828 - 1896) One of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood
Ruskin, John  (1819 - 1900) Artist, poet and philosopher, supporter of the Pre-Raphaelites.
Van Gogh, Vincent.  (1853 - 1890) Self-taught painter, born Groot Zundert, Netherlands,  who worked as an evangelist until the age of 27. Fought poverty, alcohol and insanity most of his life and finally cut off part of his left ear in a fit of depression. He died aged 37 when he shot himself.  Among his works are: The Potato Eaters (1885) Sunflowers (1888)
Wright, Joseph  (1734 - 97) (of Derby) Artist. Famous for his use of light in paintings.