What is the History Anorak?

A completely irrelevant picture of a lighthouseWell, the History Anorak is first of all, a person. Someone with an interest in history and archaeology and much, much more. But the History Anorak is also a website that has grown out of those interests. That's where you are now. This is primarily a history site but it might not be what you think of as history! History often seems like lots of kings and dates and nothing to do with ordinary people. So this site tries to concentrate on the real and everyday things that would have mattered to the majority.

Remember in everything you read - including here - that history was written down by someone who might not have been directly involved (and therefore didn't always have all the facts) or someone who was involved (and therefore was not unbiased). Whether or not you choose to believe the information is then up to you.

So what are you likely to find here?
You will find canal history, particularly in the Midlands. Industrial Revolution information. You'll find some archaeology, especially prehistory of Britain. A timeline from the early 18th century to the start of World War I. Some travel reports. Art, architecture, folklore and much more.

The Anorak