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By the way - that chain on the left really is made of ice. It was among the sculptures at the Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, in winter 2002/3.  Home

For a history of the music hall theatre and information specifically about London please see this fascinating site. It's about performer Arthur Lloyd but there's lots of interesting stuff on the site about his life and times.

Want to know about the Victorian Cinema?  Yes - there really was one! Here's a wonderful site for your perusal. Much more detail than the Anorak could hope to include on the topic.

The National Trust. Protector of historic sites and landscape throughout England and Wales.
canal duke pub sign
This image has been lifted from the site it links to. (and I apologise now but I hope the owner won't mind, since I'm linking to it)  It's a great site with some fascinating stuff about pubs of the Midlands and there's history and pictures of architecture and it's so much like the Anorak except for the fact that it's pub based (and so's the Anorak - given the opportunity!) that it simply had to be included.  And obviously a canal history anorak couldn't resist this sign!


The Megalithic Portal For all the megaraks out there. One of the best guides to all things standing and stony in and around the UK and some parts of Europe

Lundy Island - heaven in the Bristol Channel

The Ice Hotel See for yourself

Lady Lever Art Gallery FREE entry to one of the greatest art collections in the North West

Contact the History Anorak

Titus Salt and Salt's Mill. Saltaire, West Yorkshire

The Anorak's having great fun playing with FlickrThrough the magic of Flickr I have found many great photographers. Visit the site and check out some for yourself.

Other stuff

See this site for one of the Anorak's favourite poems.

woodland trust

The Landmark Trust  You'll find lots of Landmark properties mentioned throughout the site. They rent out historic properties all over the UK and some in Europe and the US. Most of them are extremely attractive and in beautiful settings.