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What is a Megarak?
Simple -  it's someone who's an anorak about megaliths!

Here's some photos to be going on with.  Check round the rest of the site for more!
Wilmington Long Man taken in about 1980
silbury hill
Silbury Hill round about the same time.
Can you see the rainbow?

Here's a view you don't often see published.  OK I admit it. It's a stitch job and I don't have any fancy software to help me do it so it's all my  own work with an art program and a spray can.  It's Uffington, in case you hadn't worked it out. The view from the horse.  Taken around 1996.
America's Stonehenge
America's Stonehenge
They call this "America's Stonehenge". It's nothing like Stonehenge, of course, but it was originally a large stone circle built by the indigenous people of the area.  It's been changed considerably over the millennia. Not least because there was some hermit living in it till the mid 20th century and he did what he wanted with the stones to make himself comfortable.  It's at Salem New Hampshire - that's NOT the one with the witches, that was Salem Massachussetts. It is a huge circle - not far off Avebury size - but it's surrounded by trees and not easy to see.

Carnac rows
The famous alignments at Carnac in northern France.  This photo was taken in about 1986.

Right next to the road and alongside the alignments - a dolmen, or old grave site. The end of the stone rows are just visible on the right.

Another dolmen close to Carnac.